Entry #1

TankMen - The Machinima

2008-05-22 19:13:06 by RageGummy

Hi Everyone

Scotty From The Social here. Were a site for machinima and Halo players to talk and have a laugh. But today we got the blessing of Johnny Utah himself to give a shot at doing Tankmen in the Halo 3 Engine.

Keep a look out on this blog, or on The Social for news updates and infomation about the serise.


TankMen - The Machinima


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2008-05-22 19:14:02

It sounds really cool.

RageGummy responds:

Thanks , were not going to let anyone down.



2008-10-25 23:55:34

y does it say your blareing mad on the emote? plus it sounds cool the halomen thing