Tankmen - the Machinima .... 2 confirmed and in planning stages

2008-06-16 09:57:42 by RageGummy

Hello all !!

After the mass succsess of the first Tankmen remake. We have decided to go ahead and remake the rest of the serise. So episode 2 is now in planning.

Not seen number one? Check the link below !!
Tankmen - The Machinima




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2008-06-16 22:11:21

WOOT!1!121! First comment, second one is gonna rock! for the contest at the end make a huge field goal in forge and get a Scorpion to shoot through it, or use one of Sandtraps big goal-like things :P


2008-06-17 19:59:57

Awesome! I can't wait dude!!


2008-06-18 08:08:52

what about halomen... its only sensible :P

RageGummy responds:

Halomen could be a good idea, we will look into it and think about it.



2008-06-18 08:24:00

what program did u use i need to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RageGummy responds:

Halo 3 game and a Xbox 360

This film was only a movie on youtube, but people wanted a flash version for newgrounds, so we gave.

hope you enjoyed.