Tankmen, The Social and Terra World Online

2008-07-09 07:05:31 by RageGummy

Hi !!

Im scotty from the hit Flash/Machinima Tankmen - The Machinima(Watch it here on newgrounds!) and i thought id just say thanks to all the support and kind words on this submission.

We are working on Tankmen 2 - The Machinima as we speak, but it will be abit till we get it out for people to see. If you want to have your input on this. Come join our Halo Fan site (The Social) to have your say on what we do next.

Also check out Terra World Online , a free online MMO game that looks like Zelda, learn spells, fight slime's, or just fish your heart out. If you pop by, im Admin Scotty so say hello and dont be afraid to chat.

Thanks all



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2008-07-09 08:58:53

I was tempted to join it, until I discovered that people who are more willing to throw their cash about get better items.
I'm not too fond of them kind of games, sadly.

Besides, I have my own games to be making! =)

RageGummy responds:

Lol, all the items can be got ingame, theres no need to buy anything.


2008-07-09 09:12:29

"you can also buy it in the game for 500000 game gold"

Sounds pricey.
Well, I'll think about it. I mean, I do have a fair bit of spare time.
But don't get your hopes up... =/

It does look good though!


2008-07-09 12:42:04

Machinima freaks me out. It's like corpse puppetry =/


2008-07-09 14:48:48

Bah, I used to play terra a few years back for like a week, I gave up because I could only get 1 coin for every 50 things I killed and the shovel was like 500 coins or something like that -.-


2008-07-09 15:16:07

you should try and mix it up abit, maybe re-editing the voice work. cause this is bound to get stale


2008-07-09 23:57:45

So much blue my eyes gave up reading. I will try again later on. But it'd be cool to have a less saturated color by then.

Good Luck with your work.