Entry #9


2008-11-20 14:59:40 by RageGummy

News just in

A machinima made around the world of the Tankmen got shown at Bungie.net today.
Bungie Blog- Tankmen the machinima

You can also see it in flash!
Found in the Tankmen series section.


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2008-11-20 15:15:46

RageGummy, what are you doing here silly?

Get back to the Hub, where you belong.

RageGummy responds:

How dare you come to this grace land!
Glad to see someone around that I know though.


2008-11-20 15:16:32

Haha, nice.


2008-11-20 15:18:59

"Screenplay by Scott Davis"?

RageGummy responds:

That's my name, the footage taken and movements was done by me.
The script, as we know is JhonnyUtah's


2008-11-20 15:48:00

oh yeah I saw that thing in Jeffs page a while ago.

It still made me lol


2008-11-20 16:09:16

Congradulations Rage :D

RageGummy responds:

Thanks fella.


2008-11-20 16:31:28

You don't really have any idea what a screenplay is... do you?
And your job is "director"? Uh huh...

RageGummy responds:

Screenplay - a form of dramatic literature used as an instruction manual for the production of a movie.

This is what Jhonny did as well as me, i had to work out how it would work and play in the Halo engine.


2008-11-20 17:16:05

Ah, no. Nice try with the definition though. It KINDA allows you to skirt around this, but even then, you're screwing up. See, in the defense you're trying to use to excuse yourself, you would've had to write "Screenplay by (Whatever your name is) AND Johnny Utah". You just wrote "Screenplay by (you)".

Also, you got your "definition" from Google define. The definitions you skipped over or ignored (which didn't work the way you wanted them to) were all ones that described it as a script, many of which specifically included dialogue as part of the definition. You didn't want to hear that though.

What you did wasn't really a screenplay. You just set up the shots. It wasn't animating or directing either, cause the game did it all for you. I suppose what you did could be called "storyboarding", but you probably didn't draw up storyboards.

Maybe you should credit yourself as "Compiled by (your name)". That would work a lot better.

Hope that helps!

RageGummy responds:

Not really


2008-11-20 17:21:25

Well it wouldn't be that hard to fix. I assume you still have the raw video project file and flash file?

RageGummy responds:

Nope, the files were lost on a sever we use to have.
All we have is the full file in WMV


2008-11-20 19:23:17

Ah, that's a bummer. Happened to me once with a flash file in which I typoed my name in the credits. Never to be fixed or resolved in any manner...

RageGummy responds:

Indeed, but that wasn't the worst. My main copy of a game I'm creating for Xbox 360 was lost. Lucky I salvaged a few of them.


2008-11-21 09:51:48

I have to agree that screenplay crap is very misleading and unfair.

next time you pull a machinima remember to credit people fairly.

At best you can call yourself arrangement Director, or maybe Editor. just try to be fair when using other peoples materials. Especially if you gonna make a front page post bragging about using dialogue you didn't create with visuals you didnt produce.

just my two cents.

RageGummy responds:

Indeed, I agree that the naming of my role is wrong.

But the visuals I cant really agree with. Indeed i didnt draw them, but they were never there before I started the game, dropped a tank and changed there armour permutations.

If this is wrong, dost that make every flash that uses old Nintendo character's, audio and game mechanics, not a real flash? So maybe they have to move him along every frame, and other game characters along. But I am not a flash nut, I don't have time for frame by frame animation. I just wanted to make something that looked nice, gave some people smiles that had never been to Newgrounds or heard of the Tankmen series.

That's my 2 pence ..


2008-11-21 15:54:40

that machinima sucked ass to be honest...